Welcome to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine

We Have Moved!!!

As of December 31, 2013 

we will be located at:

35 Veranda Lane

Colleyville, TX  76034
Phone: 972-580-1156
Toll Free: 1-866-612-4461
Fax: 972-580-0715


Our mission is to assist your primary care doctor in the care of your chronic illnesses. Traditional Medicine in the U.S. consists primarily of the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery. In our clinic, we utilize standard medical practices plus the use of healing with freshman medical school physiology, nutrition, hydration, lasers, herbs, electronic acupuncture (without needles), essential oils, homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, etc. to find the best solution for your condition. Many doctors have appointments to see over 50 patients per day. Often you see a physician assistant or a nurse instead of the doctor. Most offices don't have time to educate you about nutrition and other options to help you get well. That is our role.

Please note:

We do not treat cancer. We do support patients with cancer to help get their nutrition, minerals, acid-base balance, etc. in as good a condition as possible so your body will respond to the therapies that your oncologist and you decide are best for you.

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