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In traditional medicine, you are often referred from one specialist to another to another trying to find the answer to your illness.  This can take weeks or even months to get appointments and get the information from one doctor to another.  Some are left discouraged and still ill after seeing multiple doctors.  In 1864, Dr. William Mayo started a clinic in Rochester, NY.  He was later joined by his sons and other physicians.  The integrated practice model developed primarily by Dr. Henry Plummer, created a foundation for what would grow into the Mayo Clinic. It was the first in the US to address this problem by offering multiple specialties under the same roof.

Integrative Medicine often suffers from the same problem.  People see a chiropractor, then a homeopath, then an acupuncturist, then an Integrative medical doctor, then a massage therapist, then an aromatherapist, etc, etc.—never quite getting back to where they want to be.  At the Tennant Institute, we offer many of the methods of care that have been used over the centuries:  energetic medicine (and the modern BioModulator therapy), chiropractic, hyperbaric oxygen, electronic acupuncture, infrared saunas, oxidative therapy, IV’s,  aromatherapy, herbal therapy, homeopathy, emotional release, scar therapy, etc.  In addition we have the latest technology for evaluating macular degeneration and reversing it in cases that are not scarred beyond repair and/or preventing it from getting worse.  There are very few offices that offer such a wide range of services under the same roof.

Please note:

We do not treat cancer. We do support patients with cancer to help get their nutrition, minerals, acid-base balance, etc. in as good a condition as possible so your body will respond to the therapies that your oncologist and you decide are best for you.

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