Dr. Tennant's Story

Laser Eye

Dr. Tennant did the majority of the research for the excimer laser for VISX that is used for LASIK surgery. He did about 1000 cases in the U.S. and about 2000 cases abroad.

Inhaled Virus

What wasn't known was that the laser wouldn't kill viruses in the cornea. As seen in the photo, the laser would strike the eye, releasing viruses. They came upward through Dr. Tennant's mask, into his nose, and into his brain. He developed encephalitis and a bleeding disorder, resulting in spastic movements and in his being unable to remember how to write a prescription.  Three viruses were found in his brain and he was told nothing could be done to help him. He was forced to retire from ophthalmology on November 30, 1995.

Slept All Day

This is how he spent the next 6-7 years, sleeping about 16 hours per day. He had 2-3 hours a day in which he could think clearly enough to understand a newspaper. Then, like a light switch, his brain would shut off and he couldn't understand what he was reading.

During the time he could think, he realized he would have to find a way to get himself well since modern American medicine could not do so. He began to read cellular biology books with the idea that if he could get one cell to work correctly, they would all work correctly.

Each cellular biology book gave passing notice to the fact that cells require a narrow range of pH, but little more was discussed on the subject. He began to look at pH and discovered that it is a measurement of the voltage in a solution. It is measured with a sophisticated voltmeter. If the solution is an electron donor, a minus sign is placed in front of the voltage. If the solution is an electron stealer, a plus sign is placed in front of the voltage. The measured voltage is then converted to a logarithmic scale from 0-14 with zero corresponding to +400 millivolts of electron stealer to -400 millivolts corresponding to a pH of 14. Cells are designed to run at about -20 millivolts (pH 7.35). Dr. Tennant began to understand that cells must have enough voltage to work and that chronic disease was associated with loss of voltage. Next he had to find out how to measure the voltage and then how to correct it.  This is how he was able to heal himself.


           Age 59                                        Age 74

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