Healing is Voltage: The Textbook

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450 pages, 8.5" x 11", printed in color.

In this comprehensive volume, Dr. Tennant shares the very personal story of his own "death sentence" from conventional Western medicine. Believing there had to be some way to restore his health, he began the most important research of his life - to find out what would make him well. This book documents that journey and will take you step-by-step into understanding how your body works and what it needs to get well.


Begin your journey by understanding how Freshman Medical School curriculum teaches the basics of good health. Building on that foundation, Dr. Tennant shows you how important elements your body needs are missing from conventional medical practices.  When asked why he chose to come out of retirement after 25 years as a successful ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Tennant shared his thinking - "Because of my own health situation and that of my wife, Marilyn, I began to pursue the need for integrative medicine alternatives for getting the whole body well and functioning properly. As our health improved, people noticed. They wanted to know what I was doing and began to ask me for help with their pain and health issues. I realized that my findings could help others. The patients I see today have often tried everything else to get well, with little or no success. People travel from everywhere to be seen in the clinic."


Now with the publication of his book, you can also understand the KEY to pain and chronic disease and the critical role that voltage plays.  The principles in this book are used to create the clinical protocols and methods Dr. Tennant uses today in his clinic


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